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Solutions Portfolio

Over the years, Performance Capital has developed a solutions portfolio designed specifically to help clients achieve their targeted outcomes.  Our products & services can be engaged together or separately depending upon the client's objectives and operating environment.

Formed in 2006, Performance Visualization Studios creates interactive enterprise simulation models that deliver measurable, 3D visual intelligence regarding the financial impact and alignment of each stakeholder (i.e. customers, suppliers, employees) on the client’s performance outcomes.  The interactive digital media assets (DMA's) are dynamically connected via our proprietary API integration platform called Intraspecs.


Online Screenshots:


Online Video:

Formed in 2009 and updated 2022, Stakeholder.One is an ecommerce portal for stakeholders to gain access into specific digital collaboration environments (sample above) where they can assess, influence, and manage performance outcomes across their subscribed PVS projects.  The network models are dynamically connected via our proprietary API integration platform called Intraspecs:

Formed in 2013, Carolina Information Systems is an information technology firm with a global team of developers on 4 continents that create, develop, and manage Software Solutions projects for its clients and partners.  CISTA also provides private cloud and hybrid cloud data center solutions in support of client projects, PVS and Intraspecs subscriptions.

Formed in 2014, the is an asset data collection and field services technology solution.  AIR helps clients to collect and converge detailed information on all items mapped to their underlying Chart of Accounts which impact their Financial Statement results.


For Human, IP, Intangible, and Digital Assets:  


We have extensive experience with large, global networks of distributed and mobile Human Resources, IP, and Digital Assets.  We deploy advanced E-Discovery tools to enable comprehensive, large scale data collection very quickly.  The data collected from multiple sources (via Intraspecs) is then filtered, prioritized, and loaded into the PVS Enterprise Simulation Models as required to achieve client engagement objectives. 




























For Physical Assets:  


We have extensive experience with large, global networks of distributed and mobile fleet and equipment assets as well as residential, commercial and industrial real estate.  The US Federal Reserve values the US real estate industry alone at over $40 trillion.  In the emerging age of "Big Data",  the stakeholders to each property (investors, banks, contractors, tenants, HOA, neighbors, municipalities, etc.) have a growing need to converge their data, knowledge, and action on property issues throughout the asset management lifecyle.


Our Building Information Modeling (BIM) Solution includes 3D digital imagery and data management technologies to enable accurate situational assessments of asset condition to support measured planning & real time response by property owners, facility managers, supplier networks, emergency responders, insurance companies, banks, and regulators.

In the US petroleum markets, Supply Chain Services benchmarks and implements an integrated supply chain strategies to deliver cost reduction between $.05 to $.10 per gallon. For a 50 million gallon fuel buyer, the hard dollar savings could run between $2.5 million to $5 million annually.

To optimize your supply chain and get the maximum savings available, you have to have an INTEGRATED procurement strategy. That means looking for savings BEYOND your fuel suppliers. Once we standardize your procurement strategy, you’ll start seeing larger savings in labor processes and fueling equipment costs (tanks and trucks) throughout your organization. Your total cost is a sum of your fuel product costs, labor and process costs and equipment costs.

Select Engagements & Managing Partner Experience

A partial list of client projects & sponsored engagements are summarized below.  Please contact our Managing Partner for more information on our sector expertise and specific company experience.

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