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"Affordable Housing" Economics

"Affordable Housing" economics can look very different depending upon which perspective you apply to each project. I've recently updated a poster (see attached) that I first shared 2 years ago on mapping cost allocation scenarios for affordable housing.

In the current version, the same house plan built in the same neighborhood can generate totally different financial outcomes for the various stakeholders to the project.

The poster has been compiled to help everyone visualize and track the new construction asset mgmt. lifecycle. Note especially the workflow process/timeline breakdown in the middle section of the poster – integrated teams from design/engineering through the GC are needed to increase speed through the development & municipal permitting processes.

At a summary level, here are Q1 2022 economics based upon dozens of new builds in Florida and the Carolinas:

20220222 VISIO Real Estate Asset Stakeholder Costing Matrix
Download PDF • 1.35MB

Note that this performance benchmarking model is helpful to Map, Measure & Manage the alignment of stakeholders involved in every project. To learn more about performance improvement in stakeholder networks – visit www.Stakeholder.One.

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