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CAPC SFR Home Impact Fund - November Update

Orlando, Tampa, St Petersburg, West Palm Beach FL and Essex County, NJ: As the "next batch" of homes are completed for new home owners, I want to recognize the outstanding work of our Builders, Realtors, and supply chain stakeholders! Our Fund stakeholders are aligned with the mission to provide affordable home ownership opportunities as an alternative to rentals in urban core neighborhoods:

Builders: Avista Homes, ESJ Contractors, Excelis Construction and more

Realtors: KirbAppeal Homes/KW Seminole; Erickson Group/EV St Pete; TheLightTeam/KW Orlando and more

Financing: Community Asset Preservation Corporation (CAPC), Ellavoz Neighborhood Homes Fund, Reinvestment Fund

THANK YOU to each of these companies and their teams for doing this good work in the field every single day! Our new home owners and the local communities all benefit from our work and we look forward to growing this important impact investment program!

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